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RossoRamina is an Italian Ceramic Factory which works to turn beautiful objects into useful tools. Their products include artistic collections for table dressing, furnishing and lighting. The dream is to give to the every day products a functional value together with a poetic touch.
RossoRamina comes from the synergy of two young creatives, Federica Cipriani and Stefano Gambogi, “the arm” and “the hand”. All products are designed and produced directly and exclusively by RossoRamina.


This is the first range of products realized by RossoRamina. It comes with particular attention and research of functional and ergonomic shapes. Its essence comes from colors, sharp contrasts and a decoration only made of lines.
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The range is characterized by white synthetic signs, decorated with blue-brown and red stylized flowers and geometric designs.
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Lucio, our son, inspired us for this range's name. Lucellino Pio Pio is the main protagonist. Awake or asleep, it lives into the midst of stripes and blue dots.

The Lucellino Collection's items are available in green, orange and light blue color.

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Petrol blue, light green with some yellow are the colors which decorate the edges and the centre of this line, inspired by nature and the countryside we live within.
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On a white and green (a specific tone of color we produced and called "neoclassical green") surface, stands out a multitude of officinalis plants grow up.
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Tutto Colore

This is a range characterized by essential elements such strong contrasting colors. The floral design is enhanced by stripes and geometric signs.
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Solo Bianco



Un segno inciso a figurare foglie e piante acquatiche su un fondo acquamarina o essenzialmente bianco.

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A liquid color enhances the clay's fluidity and gives a kind of movement to  the decorations. It's rather a surprise every time the item is taken out from the oven.

The Fluida Collection's items are available in yellow, aquamarine, pink, green, white and lilac color.

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Directly inspired by the essentiality and the richness of Japanese Art, this range differs from it just in the use of colors and contrasts, purely a Western taste.

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The inspiration for this collection comes from a decorative technique which was rather common in the XIX Century. The "stamp" technique uses different textures to create the drawings' background. Characters, numbers and letters comes in the foreground to tell a story.

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Our large range of pots is constantly changing. It includes mono-flower vessels, a touch of poetry on your table (which can be an exclusive guest gift for a special day like a christening or a marriage) to the giant ball-vases, real pieces of furniture for distinguished places.
Our lights are almost all characterized by the drilled technique. The collection includes: chandeliers, made of one or more elements and produced with a special ceramic mixture (paperclay) which permits to obtain rather light lamps; aplique lamps, in two different models (cylindrical and shell-shaped); table lamps, looking like vases during the day and lamps during the night; floor lamps.
Basins' shape and color may be customized depending on the place they need to be placed in, or upon private customers' and architects' tastes, who usually want to decorate unique-piece sinks with flowers, fruits or plants grown in the house garden.
Our large range of pots is constantly changing. It includes mono-flower vessels, a touch of poetry on your table (which can be an exclusive guest gift for a special day like a christening or a marriage) to the giant ball-vases, real pieces of furniture for distinguished places.
My approach to the ceramics' art began at the meeting with Stefano Gambogi who gave to me the pleasure of creating with clay and indulging in the magic feeling of change. My life is linked to design and making,  probably due to an uncle of mine whom I never met and to my mother, both having a deep passion for Art.
Since when I was a child, I preferred venturing into the woods and observe the many hues of the countryside. Later on, learned the techniques of pottery but where, above all, I began to create my own work. It's working at the lathe listening to the the continuous metamorphosis of shape while searching my mind's paths

The roots of a country

AUTHOR: Federica Cipriani
2006 - clay
Feet  are our roots, as well as the inhabitants of the country where I was born (just over 300 souls) are the roots of the country itself. The input of this project comes to me from the desire to animate an entire country by giving it a face of irony. So, it is a country populated by feet, feet-shaped clay vases made by the peasants' feet mold and installed in the square as well as on house windowsills as totem guardians.
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Fede's Flowers

AUTHOR Federica Cipriani
2009-2011 - glazed maiolica
We are used to use flowers on the most important moments of life, from birth to death, with their fragile nature represent our ephemeral lives. I tried to "stop" them on the cover of small boxes (special containers for a special ring), upon large bowls and unlikely-shaped chandeliers.
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AUTHOR: Federica Cipriani
2011-  sewn tiled panels, 4 pieces  (Annunciation, Firefly, Maternity, Sweet as Honey)
This work arises from the need to tell something about my maternity, a kind of story in analytical episodes sewn on a series of tiled panels. The story begins with the Annunciation by the bird Pio Pio,  then a Firefly follows: this is the story of the early life days of my son Lucio inside the incubator, accumulating energy for his greater living.
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Impossible dinner

AUTHOR: Stefano Gambogi
2006 – painted clay
The sculpture represents the reality of everyday life, the table has been set up.
It just differs from real world because of its unusual proportions (20x10cm) and for its his metaphysical whiteness.

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Greetings to Cezanne

AUTHOR: Stefano Gambogi
2007 - maiolica
The first piece of a serie of sculptures inspired by still life artists of the XX century.

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AUTHORS: Federica Cipriani e Stefano Gambogi
2010-2011 - maiolica
Our boxes, are variable in shape and size, but are all unique pieces. Each box is a “special world” painted both outside and inside the ceramics.  The cap also may become a fountain with fish or a garden with some birds around.
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Our production is mainly made of maiolica. All items are cooked a first time to obtain the clay or “biscuit”. Then products are glazed and decorated, finally cooked a second time to allow glazes to merge into ceramic. Our items are made entirely by hand in limited quantities with a special focus on shpaes and details to enhance the uniqueness of each piece.
via Sane Vecchie, 82
55018 Segromigno in Piano LUCCA

via Chiasso barletti, 23
55100 LUCCA

Federica +39 3404903527 & Stefano +39 3476851959

You can find a selection of RossoRamina products at these shops. Please, enjoy!


ANNIE HALL, Vicolo Boni, 5 Cortona (AR) 

LA VECCHIA GHIACCERA, Via I Maggio, 9 - Monteriggioni (SI)      

DESINARE AT RICCARDO BARTHEL, Via dei Serragli 234/R - Florence (FI) 

PROGETTO VERDE, Piazza Tasso, 11- Florence (FI)

LO ZIBALDONE, Viale C. Castracani 243, Lucca (LU) 

TARA, Piazza della Croce 59 - Lucca (LU)



LA STAMPERIA DEI PASCUCCI, Via Mentana, 12 Ravenna (RA)                       



CREATIVITY OGGETTI, Carlo Alberto, 40/f - Turin (TO)

OKRA, Piazza Maggiore, 17  - Mondovì (CN)



ASSEMBLEA, Via Alessandro Volta, 22 - Roma 



CHICCOLINO DI CAFFE', Via Cavour 12, Vimercate - Monza 

CRESPI 1797, Via Moscova 24/angolo di Porta Nuova - Milan (MI)



ROBA DELL'ALTRO MONDO, Via Garibaldi, 116 Camogli (GE)                                                           ttps://



TONHAUS, via della Roggia, 28 Bolzano (BZ)                                                                            

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